Porcelain Veneers Case of the week -2- 2013

This lovely young lady presented to us with several complaints:

  • decayed front teeth
  • lingual erosion (wear) 
  • chipped front teeth
  • rotated teeth
  • discolouration

The cosmetic dental treatment included:

  • 8 Upper Custom In-house Porcelain veneers made with Ivoclar Emax2 High translucency porcelain Shade BL4, cut-back and custom-shaded and glazed to the patients desire. NO TEMPORARIES!! This treatment was completed on ONE VISIT! 
  • This restored her dentition to it’s original length which was the clients main concern
  • In-Office Zoom Whitening treatment of the lower front teeth

What a wonderful client to treat! It was our pleasure…..

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