View numerous TV episodes of your dentists as seen in Style By Jury.  Using the video player below, you can scroll through numerous episodes by using the arrow that displays at the right side of the player window or by clicking on thumbnails of different episodes that appear below.

Style by Jury is a makeover series that centers around first impressions. Often there is a disconnect between how we see ourselves, and how others view us. Yet most of us never find out what people/strangers really think of us… now.

Tune in to Style by Jury where each week an unsuspecting makeover candidate is introduced to a room with a one-way mirror. Behind the mirror sit 12 strangers (a jury of their peers) who offer their honest first impressions of this person – from their mannerisms and deportment, to physical appearance. Over the course of the next 7 days our candidate undergoes a makeover that will help them lose the negative first impressions, and gain an image that will allow them to put their best face forward.