Thank you for visiting our TorontoSmileMakeovers website! This smile solutions website was designed to help you quickly see the possibilities for your own smile.  We have place over 5000 porcelain veneers on patients and have several before and after photos on this website. Chances are you can find more than one case that closely resembles your own.

We pride ourselves on custom designed smiles that are built for you and only you. Meeting and exceeding your needs are the most important to us.  We fabricate all final restorations in our in-house dental lab.  This ensures you get exactly what desire eliminating any possible communication breakdown which can happen when your impressions and veneer fabrication instructions are sent to an outside dental lab.

Search Our Website by Problem Type

  • Gapped Teeth – showing gaps between your teeth front teeth or others
  • Crooked Teeth – twisted or crowded teeth
  • Gummy Smiles – are you showing too much gums when you smile? We can fix that
  • Discolored Teeth – teeth that are stained yellow or have been discolored from tobacco, wine and other lifestyle habits.
  • Worn Down or Chipped Teeth – Are your teeth worn down or chipped?
  • Old Dental Work – Have old crowns or veneers that need repair? Greying around the gum line?
  • Tetracycline Stains


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