Custom Smile

A smile makeover by Dr. Armaghan Afsar and Dr. Andrew Charkiw is easy, and can change your entire appearance overnight! Friends and relatives will wonder what’s different – sudden weight loss, a new hairstyle, plastic surgery. No one would imagine that a two-day visit to the dentist could generate image enhancing, life-changing results.

Everyone deserves to look beautiful. Facial imbalances have a dramatic effect on one’s personality and thus general happiness. To say that there is no use trying to achieve a better result due to a certain facial type or discrepancy is not acceptable. We should always strive to make every effort to achieve the best possible result.

A Smile Makeover takes as little as five days to complete in a two-session office visit. The procedure starts with an initial consultation which would analyze the structure of the patients’ face and smile. A smile portfolio book with before and after photographs of previous patients would also be analyzed to further explain the procedure. Both the doctor and the patient would decide together what would be the most beautiful, natural-looking smile achievable.

Eeach patient is different! Dr. Charkiw and Dr. Afsar assess several factors which impact the outcome of the smile, including:

TOOTH SIZE – Longer teeth are synonymous with youth. Older teeth are shorter because of years of wear and tear. For a more youthful appearance, Dr. Charkiw and Dr. Afsar typically lengthen the front central teeth.

TOOTH COLOR – The color of the teeth corresponds with the age of the patient – the younger the whiter. Dr. Charkiw and Dr. Afsar typically suggest patients go two to three shades lighter. Also, your personal style – such as the color cloths you wear – can influence the shade section of veneers.

FACE SHAPE – The shape of the face affects the shape of the teeth. For example, if a patient has a round face, Dr. Afsar and Dr. Charkiw create long, square-shaped teeth that will ultimately have a sliming affect on the patient’s face.

Once the blue print is devised, the real reconstruction begins. To create a new smile without surgery and pain, Dr. Charkiw and Dr. Afsar use two very effective techniques: reshaping the gum line and rebuilding the teeth with porcelain laminates. The laser reshapes the gum around the tooth in less than five seconds without bleeding, correcting irregular gum lines and lengthening the appearance of each tooth. The porcelain laminates are equivalent in width to a baby’s fingernail, are strong and durable and completely change a patient’s smile. They are custom made by master ceramists to repair almost any disfigurement.

Below are some of the many examples of how we have changed people’s smiles:

DISCOLORATION – Porcelain laminates can never be stained or discolored. They can be applied to whiten and brighten the entire smile. The porcelain laminates can be made to match existing teeth.

CROOKED TEETH – Without orthodontics (braces), Dr. Charkiw and Dr. Afsar can correct crooked teeth by filling in spaces with porcelain laminates giving the appearance of straight, perfectly aligned teeth.

CHIPPED TEETH – Porcelain laminates can cover chipped teeth, repairing any imperfection.

WORN TEETH – By bonding a longer laminate to the original tooth, Dr. Charkiw and Dr. Afsar can add length to short, worn teeth, making them look younger & stronger.

The Final result is a beautiful, custom-designed smile. The “Smile Lift” generates breathtaking results. Many patients say the change is “liberating” and gives their overall appearance and self-confidence an instant boost.