Best Cosmetic Dentist Toronto Specialist in Porcelain Veneers Doesn’t Exist

There are no best cosmetic dentists in Toronto specializing in porcelain veneers including us!  What? You may ask, how can that be?  We’ve placed over 5000 porcelain veneers on our patients. The fact is, there is no recognized specialty in porcelain veneers.  Some of the recognized specialties in Canada include: prosthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.  There are others, but there is no speciaty in “porcelain veneers”.

There’s also no such thing as a “Best Cosmetic Dentist in Toronto” What?  How can no dentist be considered better than another dentist? There’s best restaurants, best spas and best hotels but no best dentist in Toronto? Its simple, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons has very strict marketing guidelines in place to protect the public from being influenced by overzealous marketers.

If you’re seeking the “Best Cosmetic dentist in Toronto Specializing in Porcelain Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry” and you find a dentist claiming to be a specialist in these areas, be cautious.  If there’s no specialty in veneers or cosmetic dentistry, what are steps patients can take to choose a cosmetic dentist for their needs?

The first logical step is ask to see examples of the dentists work.  Ask to see photos of full smile makeovers utiizing veneers (6-8 units minimum).  That means 6-8 veneers were placed in that individual case. 

What Patients May Not Know!

Many of the before and after photos you see on the walls of dental practices and on the coffee tables in the waiting rooms are smile books that can be purchased by any dentist. These are used to show examples of what veneers can do to enhance the smile.

See examples from companies selling these smile books to dentists below.

 Before After Smile Book

Before and After Book for Ortho

Before and After Wall Art

We are proud to say that all before and after photos on our website are cases we have performed there are no stock photos.  Does this mean someone who can’t show photos can’t perform a great case?  No, they may in fact just not be good at photo documenting their cases (most dentists that perform smiles regulary take lots of photos)  or they just haven’t done any cases.  

Real life experience is beneficial in many industries including dentistry.

Ask your dentist to see a case that closely resembles your own.  Decide whether you want to be the first smile makeover patient for the dentist or one of many successful smile makeover cases with another.

Remember any dentist telling you they are a “specialist in porcelain veneers or cosmetic dentistry in Toronto” or claiming to be the “best cosmetic dentist in Toronto” it doesn’t exist.  

We are licenced as general dentists and make no claims of superiority, specialization in veneers or cosmetic dentistry.  We do however, love enhancing patients smiles with veneers and have produced thousands of veneers.

If you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers or this content please contact our office today. 416-972-1222