At Corbin Dental, we give our patients a chance to speak with a cosmetic dentist in Oyster Bay, NY about their cosmetic dental problems. This means that patients who have experienced tooth discoloration can speak directly with a cosmetic dentist in Oyster Bay to get professional teeth whitening tips. To begin, most dentists will recommend professional teeth whitening instead of over-the-counter methods. This is because you are more likely to achieve the desired results in a shorter amount of time than you would with over-the-counter products. Some procedures can be done at home, while others require periodic visits to a cosmetic dentist. Oyster Bay patients are encouraged to contact our offices for professional teeth whitening tips so you can decide which method is best for you.

There are two basic types of professional teeth whitening:

Tray-based teeth whitening – This method uses a custom-made tray that is designed specifically to fit your mouth. Your cosmetic dentist in Oyster Bay will give you a tooth whitening solution to place in the tray. The tray will need to be worn for a couple hours every day or at night for approximately four weeks. This method can be done at home.

In-office whitening – This is the fasted and most effective method of tooth whitening and involves multiple visits to a cosmetic dentist in Oyster Bay. During your visit at Corbin Dental, a whitening agent will be applied directly to your teeth for immediate results. The amount of visits necessary will depend on the desired level of whitening. You can expect each visit to your cosmetic dentist in Oyster Bay to last between 30 and 60 minutes.

The exact method of teeth whitening used will depend on several factors considered by your cosmetic dentist in Oyster Bay. For more professional teeth whitening tips, contact the offices at Corbin Dental today to speak directly with a cosmetic dentist in Oyster Bay.