Porcelain Veneers Case of the week -5- 2013

This wonderful client came to us with multiple concerns:

  • Missing front tooth due to trauma and root damage
  • Ill-fitting partial denture
  • shifted and discoloured teeth
  • crowding in the lower front area
  • Bite malalignment

The treatment was as follows:

  • All-porcelain bridge to replace the front missing tooth.
  • Custom fabricated Porcelain veneers for upper and lower teeth. ONE APPOINTMENT!!  NO temporization required. 
  • All material made from Ivoclar E-max2 and Sirona porcelain, custom shaded to patients desire. 
  • Bite corrected with Herculite resin Shade B1
  • Zoom whitening for the remainder of the dentition not restored. 

The client was extremely happy with the result and the best part is that he will no longer be wearing a denture!

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